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When do you need to start eInvoicing?

The implementation will occur gradually, starting in August 2024 as below:

  • 1 Aug 2024 –For businesses with an annual turnover of RM100 million or more
  • 1 Jan 2025 – Businesses with an annual turnover of RM25 million to RM100 million
  • 1 Jul 2025 – eInvoice becomes mandatory for all taxpayers in Malaysia

However, businesses can voluntarily embrace e-invoicing from 1 January 2024.

eInvoicing Software FAQs

Why do I need eInvoice in Malaysia?

Adopting eInvoice in Malaysia is essential for several reasons outlined in the LHDN guidelines. Firstly, eInvoice ensures compliance with the Inland Revenue Board (LHDN) regulations, helping businesses adhere to legal requirements. Secondly, it significantly reduces processing costs for each invoice, potentially up to 80%, leading to substantial savings. Moreover, eInvoice accelerates payment processes, improving cash flow and improving businesses’ financial stability. Embracing eInvoice simplifies invoicing procedures and aligns seamlessly with the LHDN Malaysia regulations, making it a practical and efficient choice for businesses operating in Malaysia.

What is eInvoice?

eInvoice, per the guidelines provided by LHDN Malaysia, refers to the electronic version of traditional paper invoices. It’s a digital method businesses use to create, send, receive, and manage invoices over the internet. These electronic invoices are structured data files that adhere to a standardized format, ensuring consistency and compliance with LHDN regulations. eInvoice simplifies the invoicing process, reduces paperwork, and enables secure and efficient exchange of invoices between suppliers and buyers. It is crucial in enhancing business efficiency, cutting costs, and ensuring compliance with LHDN Malaysia guidelines.

Why is eInvoice important to your business?

eInvoice is crucial for our business because it ensures compliance with the guidelines set by LHDN Malaysia. By adopting eInvoice, we streamline your invoicing process, reduce operational costs significantly, and enhance overall efficiency. This compliance saves time and money and ensures that our business operations align seamlessly with the regulations, guaranteeing smooth transactions and financial stability.

What are the benefits of eInvoice?

eInvoice eliminates the need for sellers to print paper invoices or create PDFs for mailing or emailing to buyers. Buyers no longer have to input invoice data into their accounting systems manually. This method enhances accuracy and security, speeding up processing times and payments.

In summary, the benefits of eInvoice include:

1. Reduced administrative work for both buyers and sellers.
2. Faster payments for sellers.
3. Cost savings for both buyers and sellers.
4. Fewer errors for buyers and sellers.
5. Direct and secure connections between buyers and sellers.
6. Reduced environmental impact.